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Technical Analysis

We are a Technical Analyst also. Technical Analysis is a very useful tool to predict market Movement as per chart analysis. And easily pieces of advice or guidance to our Investor or trader to Exit or take a position in a particular script.

Technical Analysis

In the Stock Market or Commodity Market for Traders or Investors, it is necessary to analyze the market movement in the long term or Short Term or even in the Intraday Trading Movement. In today’s Market scenario, there are two ways to analyse the Movements of the Market Particular Equity, Particular Sector, Particular Index, or any commodities price i.e. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.


In Fundamental Analysis we need to know the Performance of the company, like quarterly results upward or downward movements, Demand for company products in the near future, Balance sheets of the company, Profit and Earning Ratio, Dividend distributions, and many more.


Whereas Technical Analysis is extremely dependent upon price and volume movements of particular equity, Index, commodity, or Market. Technical Analysis is preferred normally with different candle charts. It is the simplest and easiest way to predict the future movement of prices. 


Technical Analyst uses many chart patterns and Moving averages like head and shoulders, double top/bottom, reversal patterns, support, resistance, flags, cups, and handles to understand market movements.


Through Technical Analysis we can analyze Market movements with the help of different candle chart patterns. Here we mention 35 Candle Chart Patterns below


Candle Chart patterns are normally categorized into the following three patterns as below:

  1. Continuation Pattern

  2. Bullish Reversal Pattern

  3. Bearish Reversal Pattern


Bullish Reversal Candle Chart Patterns:

  • Hammer

  • Piercing Pattern

  • Bullish Engulfing

  • The Morning  Star

  • Three White Soldiers

  • White Marubozu

  • Three Inside Up

  • Bullish Harami

  • Tweezer Bottom

  • Inverted Hammer

  • Three Outside Up

  • ON-Neck Pattern

  • Bullish Counterattack

  • Hanging Man

Bearish Candlestick Pattern

  • Dark Cloud Cover

  • Bearish Engulfing

  • The Evening Star

  • Three Black Crows

  • Black Marubozu

  • Three Inside Down

  • Bearish Harami

  • Shooting Star

  • Tweezer Top

  • Three Outside Down

  • Bearish Counterattack

  • Doji

  • Spinning Top

  • Falling Three Method

These are the Technical Chart Patterns through which we analyze market movements. If anyone to know elaborately then they can connect for personalized advisory support with Allneeds.