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Equity Portfolio Management Service

PMS (Portfolio Management Services) where a group of research teams manage your portfolio as per SEBI Guidelines and Individual PMS types.Equity Portfolio Management Services: Here they manage Different Equities as per market situation and the company’s quarterly and annual results and balance sheets. We also do PMS for low-volume Investors. Normally PMS starts with 50 lac as per SEBI Guidelines. Some Prime portfolios start with only 2 lac Investment.

Equity Portfolio Management Service

As per SEBI report 90% of traders lose their Money in Equity Market. The main reason is people are focusing on Zero Brokerage Free AMCs and Robotic Apps. Even A new trader asks for zero brokerage. In actuality, if some broker came into the field of broking definitely they need to profit from it anyway. They generate profit either through Brokerage or AMCs and the main thing people never know is Interest on Margin Money. So when they provide zero brokerage and free AMCs same time they make habitual for heavy trading and a new trader or even old trader would not control their trading vehicle and they lose their hard-earned money.

Even Govt also charges their fees, stamp duty, taxes, and other charges without any discount. So even at Zero Brokerage and Free AMCs make a trader to pay heavily which makes them panic and create wrong ways of trading.

To avoid above mentioned trapping agency it is a must to trade or invest under expert observation. All need Advisory Services Pvt Ltd. Help guide and keep observation for all types of traders and investors to make their portfolio Balanced and profitable. Also helps Traders follow the correct ways of strategies and segments for their trading.

Needs trained people to understand the market in the correct ways. Make them understand that the Equity Market is not a betting place. Either they can get excitement in the Market or profits from there. So creating wealth through the Equity Market is not a one-day game. It requires lots of Study, Strategies, Patience, Process, Portfolio Management Services, and expertise. 

When we do Equity Portfolio Management Services, then also we have to keep in mind about her/him equity Market Ups and downs. There are many types of stocks available in the Equity Market, which we can categorize as

  •  Large Cap Stocks

  • Mid Cap Stocks

  • Small Cap Stocks

  • Penny Stocks

  • Sectoral Stocks

  • Bluechip Stocks

  • Consumer Goods Stocks, etc.

Allneeds not only analyzes Suitable financial or Investment Products but also analyzes Investor’s risk level, liabilities, portfolio, self-experience, the expectation of return, future needs, and many more like Age, Time Frame, understanding of risk, etc. Accordingly, we balance portfolio to generate excellent results. 

Our Portfolio Management Services start at Rs.2 lac and above. More Than 50 lac PMS is SEBI registered. If the Investor has an Investment of more than 1 cr can be preferred for AIF (Alternative Investment Funds).