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Category I AIF

AIF: This is an excellent opportunity for any HNI Investor or Ultra HNI Investor. Here Investment amount starts with a Minimum of 1 Crore or in multiple. It is Started in 2013 and Approved by SEBI. Here investors can have many options to choose from as per their RISK level and the return they expect. Some categories are explained below.

Types of Category AIF

Category I: It is called Secured Investment, where investors can get a Fix return of 8%+ on a Quarterly or Annual basis from the day they start Investment. Rest 10% as Capital gain they can get when the AIF time frame is complete. To date, we have provided 20% CAGR. The Invested amount is invested in Government Bonds, Infrastructure Bonds, and Any State Government ongoing Projects which are at least AA rated. For more information, Investors can contact our Expert. Payments are collected in 3 Years in part after 1 Year we start the reversal of payment in the next three years.